Blockchain Antitrust

Open source academic studies focusing on blockchain antitrust – by Dr. Thibault Schrepel

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Link to all the articles dedicated to
blockchain antitrust on Concurrentialiste: link

Academic publications:

  • The Fundamental Unimportance of Algorithmic Collusion for Antitrust Law“, Harvard Journal of Law and Technology Online, 2020: link


  • Making blockchain law and technology work together“, Coindesk: link
  • Feds like cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech, and so should antitrust agencies“, TechCrunch, 2018: link
  • How blockchain will upend competition law“, POLITICO, 2018: link

Other formats:

  • Video: Thibault Schrepel & Vitalik Buterin: link
  • Video: Thibault Schrepel & Judge Douglas Ginsburg: link
  • Podcast: Thibault Schrepel & Caron Beaton-Wells: link

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